Download Whatsapp. If you live in 2013 and you own a smartphone from any kind of range price, from the cheapest chinese iPhone copy you can find on eBay, to the real deal, the expensive and fancy truthful new iPhone 5 or even the upcoming iPhone 5, you should by know already typed the following keywords on your phone device keyword: Download Whatsapp.
Download Whatsapp Because, what is the point of having a smartphone and not having it completely full with apps? And I do not mean stupid apps and games like Pogo, or Mogo, or however is called that creepy little creature which looks like a brown poo (well, actually that app is kinda helpful to have download if you are stuck with your little sister
or niece while her parents are visiting your mum in your house) But you already got the point of what I am trying to explain. Right? You should download WhatsApp if you want to have one of the best apps for Android or iOS or basically any other smartphone device operating system. Because I would even allow me to say without feeling that I am lying or exaggerating, that the WhatsApp phone app is probably the most downloaded, used, and useful phone applications that you will find in any market nowadays. That includes the whole huge iTunes store with their millions of apps, and also the not so huge (but “he” knows how to use it) the green droid market, yes, Android, now officially called the Goole Play Store (installed by default on all Android smartphone devices) You must download WhatsApp because if you have not downloaded it already, all your friends will look you in a very strange way, as if you were a creep (and you are if you have not already done that) But do not worry about that, you are still on time, just go to your phone of choice market store, type download WhatsApp and let it install by itself, you won’t even need to click or tap anything if you are using a phone running an Android software, since this OS will install everything for you on default, including having to click “Accept” or “Next”, those typical things that we all are used to do now (say thanks to Bill Gates and the Windows operating system style)
– WhatsApp Download (Official)
– WhatsApp iOS
WhatsApp Nokia
– WhatsApp Android
WhatsApp Blackberry
Before I was talking about how your friends would be amazed if you have not installed already or have Whatsapp running 24 / 7 on your phone, but seriously, what friends do you have? You do not have friends! And I mean it in the best possible way, not trying to sound a prick even if I consider myself always sounding like a prick, but the thing is that nowadays how the world is working, if you do not download Whatsapp, then you do not have friends, and you will never have them. Everybody is using this kind of chat apps in order to communicate between friends, or even make them.


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