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The rapid evolution of search engine algorithms has been accompanied by the evolution of copywriting, and the use of online platforms for marketing purposes. Currently, search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting involves numerous on-page aspects, including meta tags, headings, title, as well as viewable text. When used for solely for page ranking, SEO copywriting serves merely as a means to an end. On the other hand, SEO content that is produced by professional writers is meant to show professionalism, authority, and credibility, as such, compelling readers to act on the message. What this means is that the visitor convinced to act based on the readable text, something that professional copywriters achieved through a delicate balance. Realizing that delicate balance between ranking and readability demands to engage the expertise of experienced copywriters. For freelancers, the conundrum, however, is where to get well-paying content writing jobs, where their talent is not only well remunerated but also appreciated with good working conditions. In this article, we examine some of the five best services from which freelancers can get good copywriting jobs. Here we go.


An experienced copywriter who knows how to balance quality content and page ranking, and who can effectively project the image of the company requires working for an agency that appreciates his or her talent and remunerates properly. Ok Essay is one of the best essay writing services that any freelance writer can work for at the moment. Unlike most websites, the writing agency does not charge writers any fee or markups to enroll in. In other words, freelancers working with the site get exactly what is paid to them by the customer. The writer also benefits in the sense that they get to operate on whichever platform they want.

Other than the responsive support department and timely payments, what is most appealing about this service for freelancers is the fact that writers are offered payment protection. Many writers working from their homes or offices have experienced the unpleasant case of working hard on a paper, only for the client to go back on their payment agreement after downloading the paper. By working with, writers get to avoid the struggle of clients who disappear when it is the time for payment. Writers also get to earn what they want as they can choose to work as little or as often as they prefer and bid for order at their own rates.

  • Upwork

Upwork is perhaps the most popular freelance marketplace, where writers can access writing gigs quickly. However, the site has registered so many writers that competition for gigs can be brutal. Although digital content writing sites like Upwork have had a big role in assisting individuals and companies find talented copywriters, the sheer number of writers bidding for each project makes it quite challenging to find orders on the platform.

For clients, the large number of bids can make it challenging to spate the wheat from chaff. As a result, customers may end up with an incompetent writer after overlooking some attractive, and potentially competent options.

For freelance writers who are trying to get well-paying projects to work on, working with Upwork can prove an uphill task.  Writers must not only outbid other talented writers competing for the projects, but also contend with some freelancers willing to charge unreasonably low rates for projects. Nonetheless, writers can still learn to navigate the site and make the best of the platform.

The main drawback of this website is that writers are required to pay a sliding service fee ranging from 5% to 20% on their billings with a client. In the long run, the more work you do with a client, the less fee you will be required to pay. Although the pricing model is intended to function as an incentive for higher value content, it may prove frustrating for those new to the service.

  • is another popular service where writers can get good content writing jobs. The site works in a way that is almost similar to Upwork. With more than 14 million registered writers who have completed more than 7 million projects, it is apparent that many companies and individuals use this site.

It should be noted that Freelancer works in a way that is somewhat different from Upwork. For instance, in both writers and employers are required to pay a project or hourly fee, which varies according to the membership level of the writer or client. In addition, you will be restricted to submitting only eight proposals as a freelancer each month, before being required to upgrade to a paid account. This is a major drawback for the service that is, otherwise, quite popular.

  • People Per Hour

Although less popular than Upwork and, People Per Hour offers an attractive source of jobs for freelance writers. Through the site, companies and individuals can post jobs, which freelancers get to bid on. An added advantage of working with this service is that freelance writers also get to post their own services (referred to as hourlies) along with the rates they wish to charge. Buyers and writers can contact each other through a platform for instant messaging, which includes work stream features and invoicing. Payments get released to the writers’ accounts from down payments made by the customer automatically after the job has been completed.   

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular content writing service for freelancers. In this freelance marketplace, writers can get a variety of jobs, ranging from press releases to blog posts and SEO content. The main strength of Fiverr as an online freelance marketplace is the transparency that it provides for both buyers and sellers. Clients are able to see all the reviews placed on the profile of writers, which will then inform their decision on whether to hire the writer. For a writer, you will need to work hard to avoid negative reviews that could negatively affect your job prospects. The major downside in working with this site is the jobs do not typically pay much, with most jobs paying between $5-$10.

In this article, we have covered some popular services where freelance writers can find content writing jobs. Each option has its strengths as well as drawbacks. What is left for you, as a writer, is to use your discretion to choose the appropriate site, based on your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses? Good luck with your writing.


  1. Upwork has worked well for me. However, as you mentioned, it’s a highly competitive platform which makes it very hard to get a headstart. After that, things get easier as you make a name for yourself. My friend got declined from joining because Upwork had too many writers at the time lol.

  2. I am Working with Fiverr last 2 Years it’s very Trusted Network… Thank you Adam for your valuable information..

  3. First four are definitely the reliable platforms to hire freelancers. Fiverr is a bit tricky. The marketplace in Fiverr is overcrowded and it is difficult to hire a reliable content writer. In simple words, cheaper content means cheaper quality.
    Have you ever tried iWriter, ContentMart, and Constant-Content?

    • I haven’t check any of iWriter, ContentMart and Constant-Content but we will give them a try just to know the quality of service they deliver.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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