Infographics: Tips on Internet Password and Data Security


We are in the technology world and it’s a sure fact that passwords and cookies in use today are no longer enough to protect us or keep us safe on the internet nowadays. Our lives are becoming too easy to crack, also becoming easier for hackers to get data from any means such as malware, keyloggers and spywares, phishing and mimicking or from other means such as password dump. And we all know our password and data security is very important.

Companies like Google are now coming up with alternative means of authentication online not just for Google sites but for other sites across the web, which I think they wanted to handle with the Google Chrome Browser. One other alternative method involves the use of a ring that you put on your finger which allows you to login, without the ring you can’t logon, another solution involves Yubico Cryptographic card that can log you into Google when it’s inserted into your USB reader. Could this be true?

Below is an Infographic from BackgroundCheck, which provides useful tips on what you can do to keep yourself and your data (internet password and data security) secured online. Hope you would find it useful and helpful.
Password and internet security


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