Tips on how to increase battery life on iOS Devices

Last Updated: October 15, 2015
iOS devices are among the best selling smartphones nowadays but have received some complaint about the fast draining of some ios device battery life and today I would be explaining how to save your smartphone battery life.

1. Say Goodbye to Motion
iOS 8 has a great number of visuals with plenty of zooms, icons and even a few floating graphics than other iOS versions. While these looks great on iOS 8, they also use a lot of power to run on your display. Putting the motion control feature on a diet can increase your battery’s life. Move down to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn the Reduce Motion feature to the off position. This should not only boost your battery, but also your processing power.

2. Manually Turn off Background Apps
One of the best battery boosters for iOS 8 is to turn off the apps running in the background. Even when you close your apps, some continue to run on the background of your Apple devices refreshing automatically. Turning this feature off will increase your battery. Simply go to Settings > General > Background App. Refresh and turn off all the apps you don’t mind refreshing manually.

3. Download When You’re Ready

5. Disabling Location feature
This would also reduce how your iphone baterry is drained as already known that the location feature makes usse of GPS to perform efficiently.

Other things to be done to reduce your iphone battery life includes:
1. UNINSTALL Apps you no longer use.
2. TURN OFF push notifications on non essential apps
3. Set EMAIL and Social Media Apps to Manually Refresh
4. Don't Auto Update Apps
5. Turn Off Background App Refresh
6. Disable 4G and LTE if available
7. Turn Off Wifi in poor signal areas
8. Turnoff Airdrop
9. Turn On Auto Brightness
10. Reduce Screen Brightness
11. Turn off Vibrations
12. Keep your phone away from Direct Sunlight and heat
13. Disable Dynamic Background
14. Disable Dynamic Backgrounds
15. Turn off Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot when not in Use

how to reduce ios device battery life
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