Tips on How To Improve WordPress Security [Infographic]

Last Updated: May 15, 2016

WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers. WordPress is known for being one of the most user-friendly website platforms available nowadays, but out of the box WordPress is terribly vulnerable to attacks.
Are you sure whether your WordPress Website is 100% Secure or not?
You cannot just say your blog is secure unless you check out whether some important things are inplace or not.
For more security all you can do is take some initiative measures to protect against any potential security issues.
If your site is hacked it is a tedious work to get it back to where it was, you would have to lose valuable time that you could have put to better use like creating new articles or promoting content. Not to mention the headache and hassle of going through some investigation and restoration. You cannot as well say ohhh! my wordpress blog is secured because you have once been hacked and you regain it back without stress.
Below is an infographic from Yourescapefrom9to5 that covers WordPress security and can give you an edge. Some of the tips are applicable to any website.

improving wordpress Security

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