The Ultimate Checklist to Consider Before Publishing Your Post


Nowadays most people think it’s just to compose and publish a blog post but there are many things to be in consideration before your blog posts going live to your Readers. Have also been doing this but later on I learnt there are things I suppose to do before publishing my blog posts which would make my blog posts easy to read, makes my readers visit again and gain more traffic from search engines.
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As we all know composing a blog posts consumes time only for those who are providing quality contents for their readers. You don’t have to visit another site and copy their contents it’s not a better idea, take your time to think of a topic you wanted to post and compose with relevant examples for your readers to be able to understand what you are passing across. With quality content you have provided search engines would see your content as a fresh posts and would send it to new readers for you and from there you would have a growing blogging arena.

Back to main topic, what are the things you should consider before publishing a blog post?
1. CATCHY HEADLINE: This is the major important thing to be considered before even writing a blog post and then before publishing a post. Sometimes you have idea of what your post content is passing across but not able to provide a good headline until you wanted to publish it. Catchy Headline simply means the headline which would drive the attention of Readers to your blog posts. For example you wrote a blog post about “Importance of dates in blog posts” now see the list of headlines below for same blog post.
What is the Essence of Date in a Blog Post?
Are Blog Posts Dates really important factor for SEO?
Why you should include date in your blog posts?
Should Dates be altered in Blog Posts?
Although all headlines are good but if you looks at them very well you would see some would drive attention of readers than others i.e. NO. 2: Are Blog Posts dates really Important for SEO? You would be in the first instant that I want to know if dates are important for SEO or not just because you want to increase your seo for traffic.
It’s also advisable to visit search engines with your headlines/topics to know how competitive is you headline, probably we may have some bloggers with same blog posts but not all keywords are served well. So search for keywords that search engines doesn’t serve well to readers and use it to help you gain more readers and would surely boost your ranking in search engines.
2. BLOG POSTS REVISION: It’s advisable to preview you blog post to see how it would looks like after publishing it rather than just editing it from your post editor (am not saying you should close the browser tab where you are composing unless you lose your blog post i.e. open in new tab/window to preview and come back to post editor to correct any mistakes). Make sure your blog posts solves the problem it’s required to solve for you to gain more readers i.e. I can remember someone shared an issue about this on ABC Community  that she searched Google for a solution to a problem and later on landing on a blog with same headline she wanted but no solution provided to what she wanted. I was just like what is the important of the site owner creating the post and if surely am the one I may not visit the site again even if founded on Search Engines #1 results.
If there are external links in your blog post make sure to recheck the link and also add “no rel” to links you don’t want search engines to crawl. More so, most people just add image without adding the “alt text” and “title” which are really a factor for SEO. Once you added both to the image the images would be crawl by search engines bots as they don’t read images but the alt text and title would help them know this image is talking about this so so blog post.
 i.e. an image code with
<img src=”” alt=”dates importance in blog posts” title=”dates importance in blog posts” />
<img src=”” />
The first one is the most favourite I would implore you to use simple because it contains the alt text and image title for search engines.
3. INTERNAL LINKING: This is very important as sending your readers to posts you have already published that would be useful for the current post you are composing. You can even see that in this post you are currently reading.

4. ADDING POST TAGS &amp; CATEGORIES: After revision of your blog posts and correction of link errors adding suitable post tags and categories is very essential. You can read about my post about “The Essence of Post Tags in a Blog Post”.

5. PERMALINKS: It’s advisable to make your blog post permalink short. You can even memorize it if short and also it would be easy for your readers to share your posts on Social Networks easily (mostly Twitter with tweet words limit). I remembered a post I read and was like let me share on my Twitter account, I found out the link and title was lengthen and seeing –30 below tweet textarea and receiving an info the tweet is longer. I was thinking editing this would take my time but due to I wanted to share it I just manipulated the title and share. Would you agree with me that not all people would readjust the tweet and that would lead to not sharing of the post.

6. META DESCRIPTION: Nowadays, most blogs are now SEO optimized but would you agree with me that adding your Meta description manually would help you more than expecting the search engines to read your post for Meta description. I have my reason for this, I searched Google for a headline and came up with no good result, I worked on it, compose and publish it but Meta description was missing. After some hours I visited Google to search again and I saw my post on page 2 but the meta description wasn’t even part of the post I published I ran back to edit my post and updated my meta description and everything is back in order. Okay are you thinking about how to use Meta description, it is very essential just because it’s a short story to tell readers the post really contains what they needed.
Meta description are input to WordPress posts when you have SEO plugins and some themes are very good in doing that for you. But for Google Blogger you would see Meta description field at the right hand side and you would customize it how you wanted it.

7.  FEATURED IMAGE: Many Bloggers think featured image is just like put any image you want but it’s not advisable. You are to make the featured image give insight to your post headlines and show what your blog post is talking about. Most Readers consider how your post would serve them from your featured image and this image would give them information about what your post is talking about.
For WordPress Bloggers – How to Add Featured Image to Blog Post
Now it’s time to hear from you did you ever considered the above listed things before you publish your posts? Or Is there anything you use to consider and not listed above lets discuss that in the comment section.


  1. Hi Hiidee, Nice post. You have provided a good checklist. I give more importance to the featured images as I gain much traffic from social media and a wonderful featured image does a great job in promotion.

    – Rohan.


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