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blackberry smartphones on Jiji.ng

A month ago, I decided to buy a new phone, because mine wasn’t in really good condition. I was thinking a lot about what Smartphone would be better and the “price-quality” pair would fit my expectations. So, I visited several shops looking for the best solutions, but everything seemed to work against me. Thus, I decided to ask my friend for advice. Surprisingly, he didn’t even hesitate for a moment and told me about Jiji.ng website.

I opened the website right after I came home and was really impressed. The website is specializing in everything, literally, in everything! There are a lot of various categories, but the one I needed was Phones and Tablets on Jiji. That’s where I found my favorite BlackBerry Z10. I viewed several items suggested before choosing this one and compared the adverts. It is really convenient, because you get a list of similar offers at the end of every page.

Nevertheless, BlackBerry Z10 was exactly what I wanted – a great Smartphone in good condition at affordable price. Then I contacted the owner. Actually, there wasn’t any problems concerning this – all contacts are provided at the website. It turned out that he lived in my city, and I didn’t even notice this. So we agreed on meeting, and that’s how I got a new phone.

Get your own BlackBerry Z10 at Jiji.ng!


    • Hi Abdullahi, Though have not tried buying anything on OLX before but I was not scammed on Jiji. This classified websites are not the same here Jiji works for their customers satisfactory and I assure you won’t be scammed there as well.
      Have a nice day 🙂


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