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TechBlogNG, the fast growing technology and blogging arena was just transferred to the WordPress Platform from Blogger and we have received messages from some readers about sharing the Blogger template used before the switch. Since the journey of Techblogng started we have used three blogger templates which are hiideemod template, Magnews Template and the one am sharing today. The good news now is that the latest template is now ready for download along with a special guide for easy installation.

TechBlogNG Template is structured with only two Column view. It is also designed with both mobile and web version i.e. it displays depending on the device that visits the site using it, therefore, this makes it responsive.

Below is a preview of the Desktop and Mobile Version of the Template:

Techblogng Template PC View
TechBlogNG Responsive Template Mobile View



1. Structured with 2 Columns
2. SEO Ready
3. Social Sharing buttons Ready
4. Floating Back to Top button at right hand-side, search and Social Icons also included
5. Navigation Menu
6. Breadcrumbs
7. Feedburner Subscription Widget below each posts
8. Ads below post Title on both Mobile and Web Version
9. Ads infront of Related Posts
10. Related Posts on both Mobile and Web Version
11. Customized Page Navigation between posts.HOW TO INSTALL & CUSTOMIZE TECHBLOGNG TEMPLATE

Open the links above and perform the actions, after finishing uploading and setting up mobile view, what next is customizing the template to your taste:All the customizing steps is done by visiting blogger dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML

1. To configure the SEO Title Search for <!– SEO Meta Tag –> and change all found in there to your site name.

2. To edit Mobile Navigation Menu, search for <!– Mobile Menu Navigation –> and edit the links that follows

3. To edit the Desktop Navigation Menu, search for <!– Desktop Menu Navigation –> and just change your label names, note that the desktop navigation ends at where this code appears <!– Desktop Menu Navigation Ends–>

4. To add ads below mobile view post title, search for <!– Ads Below Mobile Post Title –> and replace the code with your ads code either adsense code or any other ads code.

5. To add ads after the post content on mobile view just search for <!– Ads Below Mobile Post Content –> and replace the code with your ads code either adsense code or any other ads code.
6. To add ads below post title on Desktop view search for <!– Ads Below Desktop Post TItle –> and replace the code with your ads code either adsense code or any other ads code.

7. To add ads after post content on desktop, search for <!– Ads After Desktop Post Content –> and replace the code with your ads code either adsense code or any other ads code
8. One ad space is also infront of related post on desktop to display ad there just search for <!– Ads infront of Related Posts –> and replace the code with your ads code either adsense code or any other ads code.

8. Feedburner subscription box is found at bottom of each post content, to enable it just search for mailverify?uri=techblogng and change only techblogng to your feedburner id. Then search for <input name=’uri’ type=’hidden’ value=’techblogng’/> and change techblogng to your feed title.

9. To edit the footer links just search for <!– Footer Settings –> and edit to your taste.

10. To Add social icons and search box at top right header, go to Blogger Dashboard >> Layout. Look Top right and click add a gadget or if you have the HTML Gadget there just edit it.

add a gadget bloggerPaste the code below in the HTML/Javascript code textarea.

11. If you also want the hello bar at the top of Web Version add this code to the above code:

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  1. I am tired, I have tried to Edit the HTML, most especially the desktop navigation.. I just can’t… Pls who can guide me..


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