How to Connect your Internet Modem to Android Devices

Last Updated: October 15, 2015

Have you ever think there should be a way to use Modem with Smartphones?
I have once taught is there a way to use Modem with Smartphones, I was wondering whether YES or NO but now it's YES and here is the full guide to prove it.

connect internet modem to

What are Needed?

For this tutorial, the following are needed:

1. Rooted Android Device

2. Custom Kernel with PPP Drivers. If you don't know what they are just ask your kernel developer about it or try it by flashing other kernels.
3. An OTG Cable (HAMA ONE recommended)

4. An Internet Modem with a SIM providing internet connection.

5. PPP Widget 2

6. Your provider's APN and other connections details.

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1. Download the PPP Widget 2 Application

2. Set the PPP Widget on your homescreen

3. Connect the Modem to your OTG Cable and Connect the OTG Cable to your Android Rooted Device.

4. Grant ROOT PERMISSION and Click Configure to set your SIM Credentials like the APN, Username, Password, Dial String and others.

5. Click CONNECT and you should be connected online to surf the internet.

Incase you would like to Watch the complete video to guide you through. I strongly recommend you watch the video to see how everything is done.

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