Simple Invoices – Effective Online Invoicing & Payments For Freelancers


In case you didn’t know what an invoice is, Invoice is same as a bill, it is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer.
Simple Invoices - Effective Online Invoicing & Payments For Freelancers

So this is also related to simple invoices, Simple Invoice is an online invoicing system which provides the easiest way for freelancers to send professional invoices and accept payments. Features include Sending invoices in seconds, securely store clients credit cards, schedule recurring billing and lots more. This is more advance and designed with a computer program compare to the sheet documented ones. If you have been looking for a good invoicing system before, it may be the answer to some of your time efficiency problems especially if you own a small to medium sized online business.

Features of Simple Invoices

Most of the small business owner spends upto 20% of their time on paperwork, most of that is asking for, or chasing cash that is outstanding. If you could harness all that time, you could spend it more fruitfully on something else. This is where small business c can come to your aid and give you back that missing time.

If you were to add up all the time that you and your employee’s spend each month chasing invoices and payments and making follow up calls then consider making use of this online invoicing. To locate an invoice with simple invoice, all you need is just to mark a date in the diary to be sure to call back when the accountant gets back from his break, it would be a very large amount of time that the electronic invoicing could have saved you.

Importance of Simple Invoices

The advantages of online invoicing software are now too great for most business owners to ignore. An invoicing solution will send out the original invoice via email, it will include all the details of the transaction it will also include all the possible payment options for the customer. Unlike traditional invoices the customers can choose to make payment immediately when the invoice is received they don’t even need to search for their check book they will be given online invoicing payment options. These include PayPal payments, Credit Card transfers, and even Amazon Payments.

Simple Invoice, the online invoicing software can automate the entire process and  it will send out the invoices. Allowing your clients a simple and effective way to make payments. That way you do not have to wait for them to cut a check and make that days mail. A small business online Invoicing side-steps the ‘check is in the mail’ situation by telling the customer how much they owe and giving them the opportunity to make payment immediately.

The Online invoicing system is not for freelancers only. It is also useful for bloggers, as a blogger you can just upload your website logo and fill other details and before you know it an invoice is ready for your client.

How to Use Simple Invoices

1. Signup on Simple Invoice Website
2. Login and Connect to Stripe. Stripe is an online program designed to collecting payments.
3. Go to your Settings Page to upload your business logo and fill personal datas.
4. Once all is set then you can now create a new invoice from the Invoices Menu.
Create invoice - simple invoices
5. While creating the invoice, you will be asked the information of the client and other required information.
Create invoice - simple invoices
6. After creating the Invoice, the send button is there to forward the invoice to the email address of the client you provided. The mail content will include the invoice and a link for the client to make the payment due.
It is just that easy to use than you ever think it will be.


  1. These are great tips! Online invoicing can be tricky, but resources like this make it much simpler. Thanks so much for sharing this helpful info!

  2. Thanks Hiidee for this great post.

    I’m just curious if you have used InvoiceApp ( It’s more simple and easy to use compared to most online invoicing software I have ever used.

    Let me know what you think.


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