How I Setup Twitterfeed to Auto Send my Website Updates to Social Networks

Probably, you would have been hearing about the TWITTERFEED.
Twitterfeed is just a service used to publish your feeds on your social networks.
As the name implies you might be thinking the service is for only twitter users can you just permit me that it’s wrong thinking because this service works with other social networks like facebook, linkedin and others.
I like using the service simply because it supports as many feeds as possible, free and easy to customize compared to Hootsuite and others offering same service.

1. Visit, Register if you are New or Login if you are already a member.

how to setup twitterfeed - techblogng

2. After Successfully Logged In. Click on Create New Feed at the top right hand side.

how to setup twitterfeed - techblogng

3. Give your feed a name of your choice and add your blog/website feed url, then click on Continue to Step 2.

how to setup twitterfeed - techblogng

4. Now you would see a message telling you your feed was successfully created.

how to setup twitterfeed - techblogng

5. Now is time to connect your social networks with the feed you just created. Click on those social networks (twitter, facebook, linkedin, linkedin company, Apps.Net) one after the other and Authorize Twitterfeed.

6. After connecting all just click on All Done and you would now receive updates to your social networks once available.

how to setup twitterfeed - techblogng

Incase, you encountered any problem just add a comment below and I would reply as soon as possible.
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