Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest flagship device for behemoth electronics manufacturer, Samsung. The S5 offers quite a few upgrades over its predecessor (such as fingerprint technology) and has been welcomed with warm reviews. However, there are a few common glitches associated with the device and they can be rather annoying. Fortunately, with a few adjustments these problems can be resolved in no time and usually do not involve buying any replacement Samsung parts.

  • Touchscreen Becomes Unresponsive

Many users have reported that the touchscreen suddenly becomes unresponsive or the device acknowledges “touches” that never occurred. There is no known cause of the issue but the work around is rather easy. Simply hold down the power key for approximately 5 seconds until it vibrates and shuts off. Then turn the device back on and the problem should be resolved.
It might be worth adjusting the touch sensitivity if this problem happens often. Although there is no correlation between the two, adjusting the sensitivity has helped a few users. To do this, go into “Settings”, then “Display”, and uncheck the “Increase Touch Sensitivity” box. If the problem persists, service may be needed with a dealer who uses authentic Samsung parts.
  • Wi-Fi Will Not Connect or Runs at a Slow Speed

Perhaps the most common problem among smartphones is connecting to a Wi-Fi connection or the connection is too slow. Therefore, it’s no surprise that some users have reported that the S5 has the exact same problem. Before troubleshooting the S5, the Wi-Fi connection should be tested with another device to ensure that the signal is broadcasting properly.
If the Wi-Fi is working as it should them turn off the S5 and then turn it back on again. Sometimes this will restore the connection along with reconfiguring the settings under “Settings” and then “Wi-Fi.” It also helps to ensure that there are no Wi-Fi restrictions regarding the power saving mode and the IP settings are set to “Static.” These are rather simple to do and both adjustments can be found under “Settings” and then “Wi-Fi” or “Power Saving Mode.”
  • Menu Button

Although this isn’t really a problem with the S5, it’s an inconvenience nonetheless. The S4 users are familiar with the “Menu” button that used to be located at the bottom left corner of the device. That spot has now been replaced with a “Multitasking” button and holding the button down will bring up all of the settings and active apps.
  • The Device Is Not Water Resistant

The S5 is designed to absorb sudden submersion in water for a limited period of time. This is useful if the device falls in a mud puddle, it drops in the toilet, etc. This does not mean that it is waterproof and that it cannot be damaged by water. The S5 can be submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Submerged is the key word as it’s not designed to withstand high pressure from a water faucet or something similar.
The obvious solution to this problem is to not intentionally submerge the device or expose it to high pressure water sources. If it does become submerged, leave it off and place it in a bowl of rice for a minimum of 24 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture and may resolve the problem. However, if the S5 still has water damage, it may need service from an authorized repair center. If service is needed, make sure that the repair center uses authorized Samsung parts.
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