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  1. Hi, you forgot to mention that the bank account must be a dollar (domiciliary) account. The wire transfer would not work for normal savings account.

  2. The wire transfer, will it work for normal savings account abi it must be a domiciliary account? I use Gtbank savings account.

    Thanks in anticipation of your reply

    • Hi Victor, Domiciliary account is for receiving money from overseas (in short for receiving foreign currencies like dollar, euro etc) but local savings account is for receiving money in naira alone.

  3. Hello, can GTB Saving Account receive fund from Google via wire transfer or Its a must for me to have Domiciliary Account ???

    • Hello Jay, GTB savings account can receive fund from Google. It is not a must you have Domiciliary account before you can receive your Adsense payment.


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