How To Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster [Infographic]


Mostly like other pieces of electronic equipments, laptops too can be quite fragile, especially if not handled with care. One minute you might be merrily carting it underneath your arm, the next you could stumble or lose grip and then the computer crashes to the ground. Possibly with a shattered motherboard or a notable chunk taken out of its exterior. That’s not why you bought it now, is it?

In a similar fashion, you could find yourself happily browsing social media sites or watching Netflix when you decide that a cup of tea or coffee is in order. You make the beverage, carry it over to the table and as you go to take that first sup, your co-ordination goes astray and you accidentally knock the drink all over your laptop. If you act fast you may do enough to prevent any lasting damage on it. But it’s more likely that liquid will have seeped through the gaps between the keys on the keyboard and into the motherboard. A warped screen will confirm as such.

The lesson from these unenviable scenarios is to always carry your laptop with great care and never to leave drinks beside it. It also helps to keep it out-of-the-way of pets or small children who won’t be any the wiser as to its fragility or expense. It’s a good idea to mind components such as the disk drive and ports. There have been cases of huge damage being caused by trying to jam a USB drive into an Ethernet port.

The below infograph from Bracken Foam Fabricators identifies some common ways in which laptops can become damaged and also offers valuable tips as to caring for the computer. Plus, it compares the insurance policies of leading manufacturers, should you decide that this is an expense worth pursuing should the worst occur.

Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster

Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster – Infographic



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