The Power Of The #Hashtag [Infographic]


We all know Hashtags are everywhere mostly on social networks. In just the past few years they have been heavily incorporated into network TV shows, commercials, movie promotions, magazine ads and, amazingly enough for many folks they’re even part of their everyday vernacular.
Who knew? Well, that Twitter certainly didn’t – the hashtag originated on IRC and was pushed on to Twitter by its users, not the company itself – but they’ve been quick to capitalise and mastering the hashtag is now an essential part of every digital marketing campaign.

The below infographic from The Huffington Post outlines the basics and best practices for optimum hashtag use.

Power of Hashtag


  1. Hi there Hiidee, that was a nice write on the use of hashtags and why we need to adopt them into social media usage for the benefit of online businesses. I have been using hashtags since 2012 when the social marketing was just getting warmer and all i can say is that it helps in baiting some good quality traffic. Thanks for sharing.



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