2016 Perfect On Page SEO Checklist [Infographic]


Use SEO Friendly Permalink: It is good to use seo friendly url for your site url or blog posts. The focus keyword or alternative keyword is expected to be included in the post url. I have seen most site using urls like www.ursite.ext/post-3435/ which is not an seo friendly url. Seo friendly url is expected to be short and not too long. For example you are writing a blog post titled Perfect On Page SEO Checklist for 2016 [Infographic] so your url is expected to be www.domain.ext/perfect-onpage-seo/. You can see the url contains three phrases which makes it short and ok. The permalink also contains the keyword phrase. You can use more than three phrases but let it be minimum of three and not too long.

Perfectly Optimized Title: Your post title should not be too long ranging from 50 – 60 characters. The title should also contain target keyword.
Check out for other on page SEO tips from the below Infograph made by Quicksprout.

perfect on page seo tips for 2016


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