Huge Openings for Sailpoint Professionals in 2017


What is SailPoint?

SailPoint is an identity and access management provider that helps organizations deliver and manage user access from any device. Let me just say Sailpoint is an identity Governance and Cloud Identity Management Software.
SailPoint Technologies, Inc. develops identity governance software in the United States. The company’s software integrates role management, access request management, and compliance management solutions that help enterprises to capture control over user access to streamline IT compliance processes and reduce the risks of fraud. Its products include IdentityIQ, which is an identity governance solution that gives enterprises the visibility into and control over user access and streamlines complex processes; IdentityIQ Compliance Manager, which integrates access certification, policy enforcement, and activity monitoring capabilities and automates the auditing, reporting, and management activities; and IdentityIQ Role Manager that helps organizations to create, enforce, and verify role-based access in enterprise applications.

Sailpoint IdentityIQ

Importance of SailPoint

SailPoint has achieved 98%+ Customer Retention Rate by giving customers the Power of Identity since its existence. With sailpoint, you have the power to securely and confidently expand your organization to new geographies. You can also adopt the latest technologies with the use of sailpoint. This will keep your business/organization abreast about the latest technology innovations nd expand your business. Sailpoint minimize risk and maximize business growth by managing access to data and resources across an enterprise. They develop a unique risk-based model and leverage that approach for everything from compliance to user provisioning.

How To Make Use of Sailpoint?

You need Sailpoint Training to know fully what Sailpoint is all about. Sailpoint Training helps your organization to securely and effectively deliver and manage user access from any device to data and applications residing in the datacenter, on mobile devices, and also in the cloud.
The Sailpoint training Invention is an innovative identity management solution that will reduce both the cost & complexity of complying with regulations & also delivering the access to the users. Enroll for a Sailpoint Training at any Global Online Trainings and learn the unified approach that leverages a common identity governance framework. Which makes it possible to consistently apply business & security policy, and role and risk models, all across access-related activities. By providing on-demand visibility into who has access to what.



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