How To Network Unlock Samsung Handsets


Samsung phones are really powerful and generally have great performances, but locked phones have their limitations and it’s really important to know why and how to unlock your Samsung device. First of all, you need to know what limitations locked phones have:

What are locked phones?
Network operators usually lock their devices so you can only use them on their network. They almost always do this if you buy a phone on a plan. By locking you to their network only, they are guaranteed that you will use their services only, thus making a much larger profits from the service costs. That’s why locked phones are cheaper to buy at first, but in the long run you pay double the price. Aside from locking you to their network only, they can install apps that you can’t remove until you unlock your phone and they can delay software updates. These are really big and important limitations that not a lot of users can live with. It’s especially important for people who travel to unlock their phones so they can use other pre-paid cards when they go to other countries. Roaming fees are really big and they are not worth the price if you can buy and use a local pre-paid SIM card. So if you want to get rid of all these limitations, you need to unlock your Samsung device:

How Do You Unlock Your Samsung device?
There’s a few ways of doing it. Either way you use, your IMEI must be unlocked first. You can see if you are eligible for an IMEI unlock by your operator or you can unlock your Samsung phone by using a website like SafeUnlockCode. After you unlock your IMEI, either you will be finished or you must complete the process (for some operators only) with an app. T-Mobile for example has the app “Device Unlock”.

After you unlock your phone, you will get rid of all those limitations and you will be able to use your phone on any other network you choose. With an unlocked phone you can use different SIM cards, remove pre-installed software and get regular OS updates. We recommend that you unlock your phone as soon as you can. If you plan on selling your phone, know that unlocked phones get sold more easily.



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