Microsoft introduces Windup, A Snapchat App for Window Phones


Microsoft has just brought a new snapchat app into existence for window 8 & 8.1 users which is named Windup.
download windup application for window phones
WindUp has the ability to send text
messages, or those containing photos –
either from your gallery, or live
using the camera – video, or even
audio recordings to your friends. The
message can be limited either by time, or a set number of views.

says the app’s name comes from the
chance to “wind up” your friends, as
they rush to see your latest picture
before it disappears forever.

windup app for window phone users
Detail Description:- Create and share fun, temporary
messages and media with friends
using WindUp. Decide how long a
message will last-set it to expire
after a time or view limit of your
choice. Set a low limit to “wind up” your friends as they race to see
what you’ve posted, or set the limit
high to make your message last
longer. WindUp lets you share
pictures, videos and audio snippets,
as well as text.



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