Lumia 532 vs Lumia 435 vs Samsung Z1 – Cheapest Smartphones for you to Purchase


The era of smartphones budgeting started in 2013 and still continue with it with new and improved technology smartphones and now it is going to reach its peak in 2015.

Lumia 532 lumia 435 Samsung -

The year has just started, and we already have a few extremely cheap handsets on the market. The two latest smartphones by Microsoft are both priced below $100, as well as Samsung’s Z1. How do they compare with each other?

Design and Display

Neither company experiments with the design for low-end devices. Therefore, the Lumia handsets follow Lumia design language, with semi transparent layered design, flat screen, precision crafting and a cover you can remove. Samsung’s low end device looks a lot like the Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Fame. All in all, it is a recognizable Samsung’s device. The display is identical in all devices, and is a 4-inch screen display with resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. One advantage that the Samsung Z1 has is the thickness. The handset is slimmest of the three, with thickness set at 9.7mm.

Hardware and Operating System

You cannot expect premium specs from a low-end device. However, all three handsets are powered by a decent chipset. Samsung has placed a dual core processor in the Z1, clocked at 1.2 GHz and supported by 768 of RAM. Microsoft’s devices have the edge here. Their processor has the same power, a dual core processor with clocking speed of 1.2 GHz. However, RAM memory is set at 1 GB. The devices also provide more storage for users. While the internal memory of the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 is set at 8 GB, Microsoft allows users to store 30 GB in the cloud for free. The devices also support a microSD card. The internal memory of the Z1 is capped at 4 GB, which makes using a microSD card mandatory.
Another advantage of Microsoft’s devices is the operating system. They both run on Windows Phone 8.1, an operating system that is less resource hungry and consumes less RAM. The Z1 runs on Samsung’s own Tizen OS, but it is still work in progress.


Let discuss about the Camera, the Lumia 435 is the weakest among all. The device offers just a 2-MP back camera, and a VGA shooter on the front. The Lumia 532 provides users with a 5-MP back camera, while the front camera is a VGA camera. The rear camera of 22 the Samsung Z1 is a 3.15-MP shooter, and it does have LED flash. Samsung’s device also has a VGA shooter on the front.


Microsoft’s devices have a slight edge here, but nothing spectacular. The battery capacity of the Lumia 435 and the Lumia 532 is capped at 1560 mAh, while the Z1 is powered by a 1500 mAh battery.


The price is the selling point of all devices. They are arguably the cheapest smartphones on the market. Their prices, respectively, are as follows. The Z1 is priced at $100, the Lumia 435 at $70 and the Lumia 532 at $100.


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