Lip Smacking Evolution of Android – Infographic


The Android smartphone has been around for some time now With its first release in 2009, it began as a simple piece of technology meant for those against the iPhone but it never seemed to pull its weight. Why is that? Well, keep in mind that a lot of technology goes into creating a smart phone, and by the time the iPhone released its second version, the Android was already battling its way into the Octagon.

Looking back, we see so many changes in the Android. From humble beginnings like supporting voice entry text support (2009), it soon progressed into a force to be reckoned with As it evolved, it produced more than quantity (with Google releasing updates almost routinely); its quality was also able to show. An example is the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which allowed for multi-camera functionality (the ability to use more than just one camera) and soon-to-follow: support for multicore processors.

The Android has seen a long and hard road. But thanks to Google’s constant updates, it has progressed into a great smart phone. Tons of people use them in contrast to the iPhone, which is less capable of the constant updates the Android has seen. In fact, many have speculated that the iPhone has copied a lot of features produced by the Android! An example of this is in the Android 4.1 Jellybean.

From Android 1.1 to Android 7 Nougat, the versions of Android have continuously impressed people with interesting features. Top App Creatores presents an infographic on “Lip Smacking Evolution Of Android”, which is a rundown of the evolution of Android versions.
Lip Smacking Evolution Of Android - Infographic


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