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Last Updated: May 21, 2015

Since inception of Google Crome which is 2008, the browser has grown to become a revolutionary web browser.
In a short period of a little over half a decade, this amazing browser has gone forth to become one of the most sought after browsers and with it, users have a new level of experience when it comes to the world of internet technology.
Chrome came into a market that was dominated by Firefox, which had successfully toppled Opera and
Internet Explorer to the top as the best web browser.

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Firefox was on the constant rise and this was really challenging for new entrants like Google Chrome.
Despite this, Google has defied all odds and it is now one of the best providers, if not the best provider of web browsing services.

Google crome -

Chrome offers a new level of browsing experience
Google Chrome first came in on the basis of invites where users could only download it when invited. This grew and millions started making use of this amazing creation from Google. Chrome gives users a new level of
experience, when browsing the web, thanks to its lightweight nature that consumes very little system RAM.
Furthermore, the latest version of Chrome offers users with the simplest browsing experience that is also fluid
and very fast, which basically underline how Google operates as a company. Just like the fast nature of its
other services that include Gmail and Google search engine, the Chrome web browser gives its users the same
speed when accessing the web.

Latest Chrome to offer faster clearing of private data and general browser history
This application has previously been reported to have had issues with clearing of the browser history,
something that made it become a burden to the system’s RAM. It would sometimes slow down to a point users
had to restart the whole system in order to recover from the crashed browser.
This is something you won’t experience with the latest version of Google Chrome as all these bugs have been
fixed and thus, users will be able to quickly clear private data and other browsing history like never before.
A change in the code has been effected with the aim of reducing the pressure the browser mounts on the system’s RAM. You can download this update by going to the Settings and then select the “About” option.
You’ll be able to see the current version of your Chrome browser and you can update from here if still using the older version.

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