iPhone 6 Plus vs iPad Mini 3...Which one can I Buy?

Last Updated: May 21, 2015
Nowadays, it is difficult to decide which product suits you best and especially with the current developments in the world of technology, it has become even harder as devices look almost identical to each other.

Furthermore, the power in these devices has increased to a point that it has become almost impossible to distinguish between different gadgets, say a tablet and a laptop, or a smartphone and a tablet when it comes to performance. This problem can be seen with the latest developments from Apple which have seen the company
manufacture an iPhone 6 variant in the shape of iPhone 6 Plus, which is a giant phone compared to the iPhone 6 and other models Apple has produced earlier.

On the other hand, there is the iPad Mini 3, which is a tablet again produced by the same company Apple and it happens to be one of the smallest in its niche. So, while one of these devices is a smartphone, the other is a
tablet. But how do these two compare with each other?


One major thing that has brought these two gadgets into one bandwagon is the aspect of portability. While many have claimed that tablets can be sometimes a problem when in transit, the iPad Mini 3 has received different views as it has a smaller size than usual tablets,
making it more portable than other tablet models. On the other hand, the huge phone from Apple, the iPhone 6
is still a phone despite the massive size.Thus, it can still be carried around with some relative ease.

Apart from this, there are other aspects that can help you distinguish between these two devices, the iPad Mini 3 and iPhone 6 Plus, on your way towards
determining which is the better buy between them.

These include the design, display, hardware as well as software specifications.


As the name suggests, the iPad Mini 3 is a very small tablet that measures 200 mm by 134.7 mm by 7.5 mm and has a weight of 341 grams. Despite the small size of this device, it is still a tablet and as such, it’s a bit bigger in dimensions when compared to the iPhone 6
Plus model. This is so because the smartphone measures 158.1 mm by 77 mm by 7.1 mm and has a weight of 172
grams, which is much lighter than the tablet.

A phone is meant to be extremely portable and easy to carry about, that’s the reason it got the name “mobile phone”. However, with what Apple has made with the latest iPhone 6 Plus, it is totally different as it takes the format of a tablet or laptop where you have to carry a bag with you for
holding the phone. This can be a bit cumbersome for some people, especially when travelling as the
dimensions of the phone makes it hard to fit the whole device into a pocket.


A major selling point for a great deal of smartphones is the size of their display screen. This area has immensely
been exploited by smartphone manufacturers and in today’s highly technological environment you’ll find
gadgets with some of the most amazing screens ever.

Apple is never short of options when it comes to innovation and invention.
The iPad Mini 3 features a smaller screen size when compared to other tablets, standing at 7.9 inches and has
a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels. This screen has a pixel density of 326 ppi, which gives users some amazing
quality pictures as well as content. On the contrary, the iPhone 6 Plus has a smaller screen of 5.5 inches.However, when compared to other smartphones,
this device is massive. It comes with a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, which has a pixel density of 401
ppi. You’ll find the latest IPS LCD technology on both devices in addition to having oleophobic coatings.


When it comes to the hardware section, the tablet is no match for what the iPhone has to offer as the latter
device is equipped with the latest components as opposed to the former. On the iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll find
the latest A8 processor in addition to the M8 co-processor. On the other hand, the iPad Mini 3 is equipped with an older chipset in the shape of A7 as well as an M7 package.

These differences in the processor power make the iPhone better suited than the iPad as it gives faster response as opposed to its counterpart. This has been a major cause of havoc and unrest in the smartphone and tablet world
as the iPhone 6 Plus is being considered to be a better buy as opposed to the smaller tablets. In this line, there
is a huge increase in the production of powerful smartphones with even larger screens than what you get on the 6 Plus model. When matters of storage are on the table, there is nothing to worry about as both devices come with three variants of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.


Both devices come with a rear camera that is fitted with an iSight lens. However, the iPad Mini 3 has a lower
resolution of 5 MP as compared to the 8 MP of the iPhone 6 Plus. This means that the quality of pictures you get on the phablet is much better than what you get on the tablet.

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