Infographics – Which Tecno Phone is For You?


Out of all the phones in Africa, Tecno Phones have always held a special place in the continent. With quality phones at prices that the everyday man can afford, Tecno have really made a name for themselves in the market. But some would argue that Tecno has, well, too many models! With models from A-Z as well as variations and improvements of each, it’s actually quite difficult to decipher which phone is best for your needs.

Tecno originally began in 2006, and despite focusing solely on the African market, their first facility was actually in Shanghai, China. From then on they’ve been going from strength to strength, competing with the likes of Infinix and Nokia themselves.

As for the phones they make, picking one out creates a plethora of questions: “How much storage space is adequate for my needs?”, “I talk a lot, which phone has the best battery life?”, “3G or 4G?” are questions we’ve all asked some time or another (as well as others), so we’ve created this nifty infographic to help you find the perfect Tecno phone just for you. Whether you’re into photography or old school feature phones, this comprehensive infographic will lead you to your dream Tecno phone, as well as some nifty facts you probably didn’t know. So let’s get started!

Which Tecno Device is Worth Buying
This is a Guest Post from Talat Kazim.


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