How to Improve WordPress Website Speed [Infograph]


WordPress is the most popular blogs nowadays. Most websites need maximum security and protection from virus, hackers, malware, and enemies. So if you are running a WordPress Blog, it is advisable you check out how to secure it following the recommended article below.

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Security is not only needed for your wordpress blog to be successful, the design and loading speed are also important things to be checked. Without most of these things checked for and properly dealt with, the WordPress blog might rank low on search engines, have bad reviews from visitors, bring about low sales and even brand reputation damage. It is advisable to check out an article I wrote about On Page SEO Tips to Rank Higher on Search Engines.
The main topic for today is about how to speedup your WordPress blog. I have heard some people saying website speed doesn’t matter instead they were saying the contents just need to be original and unique. But I was just like if a website is visited and it has the type of content(s) needed. But the website happens to be slow in loading thereby taking much of the reader’s time i.e. using like 30 minutes to read the article that supposes to be read in just 10 minutes. Do you think the reader will stay and come back next time for more? You already know the answer is NO.
For a Website speed to be improved there is need to measure current site performance, after that you will be able to measure any improvements in performance. You can use one of the following website test tool listed below:

» GTmetrix

» WebPageTest

» Google PageSpeed Tools

Now, you should have tested your website and know if it is running slow or not. Sometimes you don’t even need to test it because you will have already know if it is slow or not through your browser behavior when visiting the website.

Is your Website or WordPress blog among the ones running slowly? below are the measures you need to take to improve/increase the speed.
Below is an Infograph from Blogging Basics on how to speedup a wordpress blog.
wordpress website speed
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1. Identify What causes your website slowness
2. Get Rid of Unneccessary Plugins
3. Practice Database Optimization
4. Understand Content Delivery Networks.
5. Learn to Speed up Images
6. Make Sure Catching is Enabled
7. Minimize and Minify your Codes (HTML and Javascript)
8. Minimize the Use of too much Social Sharing Buttons or Codes.

Did you have any other ways to speedup a wordpress blog not listed above, kindly share them by making use of the comment section.


  1. Very effective guidelines for improving WordPress website speed. It is very crucial to have a website that loads faster it is because if your website slower or loads slowly, then users or visitors will quickly leave your website and this will increase the bounce rate of your website. So, to provide a good user experience, it is important to have a website that loads faster.


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