How to use Glo BIS on Android Devices


s at now the subscription mostly use on Android devices is the Glo Blackberry Subscription and the Airtel Android Data Plans. But before you can make use of the glo bb subscription which we would discuss today, there’s a need for changing of your Android device IMEI number to that of blackberry.

Are you wondering where would I get Blackberry IMEI number? Forget that, we have a software for you that you can use to generate bb imei, the software is called Gpibb.

  • Download Gpibb.rar
  • Open the file and extract to C: directory.
  • Copy regaemo0.sysregaemo1.sys and regwipq.sys to C:/Windows
  • Launch GIPv4.1.exe and Click on generate FUCK IMEI.

how to use glo bb sub on Android

If your device is not Rooted, below are recommended ways to get it rooted. One of the methods should work for your device.

After getting the rooted device then install Mobileuncle Tools from playstore.
1. Open MobileUncle Tools >> Engineer Mode

How to Change Android Device imei

2. Tap Engineer Mode (MTK)

How to Change Android Device imei

3. Swipe left till you see connectivity.

How to Change Android Device imei

4. Tap on CDS Information


5. Then Tap Radio information
6. Choose your sim (phone 1 for sim 1 and phone 2 for sim2)

How to Change Android Device imei

7. For Sim 1 use this code: AT+EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI”
For Sim 2 use this code: AT+EGMR=1,10,”NEW IMEI”

How to Change Android Device imei

9. Your NEW IMEI is a new 15 digits number whether from another phone or its needed for specific purpose.   i.e. 358429060995562 as shown above.
After entering tap on send at command and you would see msent at bottom. If any error add a space before the + sign and resend at command.
10. Activate airplane mode and deactivate it again or Switch off your device and switch it on back.
To check you new imei just dial *#06# and your new imei is displayed to you.

Once you have changed your imei to blackberry IMEI you can now do the blackberry subscription, the only one have tested is that of Glo on my android device. Before going to subscribe you need to go to Settings, More, Network Settings, Access Point Names, Choose your SIM and create a new apn, use as APN and leave others empty. Activate the APN and subscribe for Glo 3GB for #1000,  send CoMonth in text message to 777 .  Wait for an hour and continue flexing after activation.

NOTE: If you are already using the glo bb sub before no need of waiting for one hour just continue flexing.


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