How to Update Firefox & Google Chrome Browsers


As the title of the post may sound funny to you but most people don’t know how to update their browsers to the latest version, I have also once unable to know how to update my browsers but got the solution from one of my friends and am happy to share it here.
How to update firefox and Google crome on
Although, some browsers usually auto-update themselves once a working network connection is detected but it is more preferable to check for latest updates manually and install them as there would be new features that would make internet surfing more easy and efficient to you.

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– Open your Chrome Browser
– Click on icon like equivalent sign at top right side of the browser as in the image below.
How to update google crome to newer version on windows

– Then click about Google Chrome and another page comes up as below.
How to update google crome and firefox on windows

– You would see your browser automatically checking for updates and soon would start the updates.
– After completion restart your browser and enjoy the new updates.


– Launch your Firefox Browser
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– Click on the “Firefox” at Top Left handside of your browser

How to update your firefox on window

– Choose Help and then About Firefox, There is now update in Firefox browsers for Version 30 above on how to update it. The About Firefox can be found by Clicking on a button just like three parallel lines in horizontal form found at the top right handside of the browser.

How to update Firefox Browser

Tap on the question mark icon shown in blue colour shown at the bottom right to Open Help Menu and Finally click on About Firefox.

how to update Firefox browser to latest version

– You would see a new page with your browser version and it would automatically check for new updates, once updates are found it would be installed just make sure you have an internet connection.

How to update firefox to newer versions on window

– After completion restart your browser and enjoy the new updates.

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As you can see the steps are very easy to carryout, so get your browsers updated today to enjoy your browsing.
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