How to Stop Whatsapp Media Auto Download on Symbian Phones

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Today, I would be giving out the simple guide on how you can stop auto download of media on whatsapp.

How to stop whatsapp media auto

If you are already using whatsapp you would notice when you received a media like picture it would auto download without you telling your phone to do so. Some People thought that the whatsapp built in auto download of media can’t be stopped but it can. I noticed this when I was added to some groups on whatsapp, what I noticed was just that those people in the groups are sharing too much media’s everyday which is reducing my data bundle rapidly. Next thing I did was just to find a way of stopping the Auto download.

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1. Launch your Whatsapp Messenger, you would have an interface as shown below.
how to stop whatsapp media

2. Press the left soft key and Choose Settings.
How to stop whatsapp media auto

3. Scroll down to Network and Click on it. You would have another page as shown below.
How to stop whatsapp media auto

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4. Click on Media Auto Download and you would be provided with a new page with two list of options.
How to stop whatsapp media auto

5. Here you would see three options which are Auto Download with Cellular (Media you choose here will download automatically when your phone is connected). Second Option is media download when you are connected to a wifi or wireless network (media option you set there would auto download only when you connect to a WiFi or Wireless connections. There’s also roaming which implies what should be done to Media when the network connection is roaming.
How to stop whatsapp media auto
6. To stop all auto downloads open the three (cellular,wifi and Roaming) one after the other and untick all options and you should have it as below.

How to stop whatsapp media auto
As from now on when media are sent to you, you would firstly confirm to download it before the download begins and this would save your data.


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