How to Stop MTN Advert SMS


Its sometimes irritating when receiving lots of advert messages from mtn, my device is almost loaded with their messages but now there’s a way out if you’re also among those getting various texts from these popular mtn short codes – 5021, 5020, 5030, 5031 & 4100.

To stop the Messages Simply send a text message STOP to 33111.

how to stop mtn advert messages

You should get feedback sms that says:

“You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you”

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  1. its really iritating that we are getting SMS and messages from these number. thanks for sharing i will also going to stop these SMS now. Can you also tell me the process to stop messages number like IK- VTRP, YD-TVIJ i also got messages from these numbers want to stop these

  2. Thank you, I also sent ‘STOP’ to the number.

    My other concern is when you sms stop to the number, MTN charges you R1. So, R1 isn’t much right, but when 100 000 people sms stop MTN will receive R100 000 for nothing, for opting out on their marketing campaign which I never opted in for. They dont reduce your SMS bundle, they charge for it – absolutely ridiculous. Isn’t that illegal?


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