How to Stop Facebook Post Notifications


Facebook, the leading and popular social network is mostly used by over 96% of all people around the World. I don’t need to talk much about FB as everyone already uses and know about it service.
There are sometimes a friend tag you to a post on Facebook, you are a member of a group and your friends are also there or anyone mentioned you on Facebook comment, once anyone of this is done you would always receive notifications of whats happening on the post you are tag to.
Sometimes I do receive over 20 notifications from a post am tagged with, the notification do comes in when fb users add a comment or like the post am tagged to but sometimes this so called notification is useless as some comments mayn’t be useful to me. The notification just get my tray loaded with none useful notifications and I might just wipe off the useful notification accidentally but have got a way to switch off notifications from a certain post.

How to Stop Facebook Notifications on Desktop Browser

1. Launch your browser and go to 

How to Stop Facebook Notifications

2. Look top right and click on Notification icon

How to Stop Facebook Notifications

3. Place your mouse on any notification you wanted to stop and then click on the X (cancel button)

How to Stop Facebook Notifications

4. Finally click TURN OFF and all is done

How to Stop Facebook Notifications on Smartphone

If you are accessing facebook with a smartphone or mobile phone either with a browser or facebook app then continue with the below steps:
1. Launch your Facebook App or your browser and visit
NOTE: Operamini cannot perform the task but opera browser, chrome, ucbrowser, firefox and other browsers can do it.
2. Locate the post that you do receive excess notifications from

 How to Stop Facebook Notifications

3. You would see a curvelike arrow pointing down at the right hand side as shown above.
4. Click on the arrow and tap on Turn Off Notifications

How to Stop Facebook Notifications
How to Stop Facebook Notifications



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