Last Updated: October 15, 2015

Sending applications, games and files can be done simply on android phones but for only those who know how to do it.
This was also strange to me when i just got my android smartphone but later got it with the help of my friends.
Applications, games and other files can be send from one phone to another through nthe use of:
- Flash Share
- Share Apps

- Download and install flash share and some phones comes from manufacturer with the application installed in it.
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-15-17-17-18_zpsx2h6bfr9.png
- Launch Flash share on the two phones you want to share application between. Click on connect with friends
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-14-22-40-16_zpsbyymfvya.png

- Create a connection from one phone (it may requires you to switch on wifi hotspot while some phones would do that automatically)
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-14-22-38-49_zpsju9yssnm.png

- Once connected select the application you wish like sending and shake your phone to send them
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-15-17-17-55_zpszthazggh.png
- Go to history on second phone to check applications or files received 
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-15-17-18-04_zpsjft6ww84.png

- Download and Install "Share Apps" from Play store and launch it.
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-14-22-48-18_zpsldfpbakf.png
- You would get a list of your phones games and applications. To send this applications click on the share icon on the right side of each of the apps
and select the medium through which you would like to send it with like Bluetooth and others.
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-14-22-49-16_zpscwbbto8c.png
- After that you are done.

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  1. neon emmanuel

    Thanks bro... I personally uses the file share,but is there any other way I could share apps and files more quicker dan the file shae, cause tring to share an app of 300MB took much longer in sharing..thanks for anyways

  2. Ogunrinola Adam

    i don't think there is anyone yet except copying of the files to PC and back to phones


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