How to Setup Google Wallet Account and Continue Shopping Anytime

Nowadays, Technological Advancement has led to the development and proliferation of digital devices, services, marketing and so on around the World.

The Smartphones are now developed in such ways to be used for everyday activities apart from calling and receiving calls. Smartphones almost run our lives because of the utility programs and features in it that help the average person live a more organized life.

One of such features is the digital wallet service.
Apple pay, once launched by Apple, stunned the world with its uniqueness and flexibility, but Google responded
with its friendlier and flexible digital wallet service called Google Wallet.
I firstly saw the Payment with Google Wallet on my Whatsapp payment method, then since then have found out what Google Wallet is and what’s used for?
This service allows registered users to shop around major stores (online or offline) with comfort and ease without the need to carry cash from one place to another. The Google Wallet runs on the android platform, and can be used to process payment in more than 300,000 locations in the world.

Google wallet is very fast and secure, all you have to do is to register, download, tap and pay. It is that simple.

Google has worked on its digital wallet extensively, a lot of trial and errors here and there, but that did not stop
them from releasing their amazing program. For you to register and use the Google wallet, you must have a
Google account.

If you have already own a Gmail Account, Google+ Account or you have ever purchased any program on Google Play Store, then you already have a Google account.

How To Install the Google Wallet App

• Visit the Google Play Store through your Android device

• Type Wallet in the search bar to find it

• After finding it, tap the install button

• Read through the permission listings

• Once you are comfortable with the permission listings, click accept and allow the program to complete the installation process.

When the installation process is complete, you may find an app launcher on your home screen or in app drawer, click on it to initiate the Digital Wallet Setup process.
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How To Setup Google Wallet

When launching the app for the first time, you will be shown a three page introduction. This serves to welcome new users and to also give them a hint on how to successfully set up and use the program. To get past these introductory pages, you will need to swipe through and then select done in other to proceed to the next step. The next step has to do with your security setup; you will be prompted by the application to set up your pin. If you already have a Google wallet pin, you will only need to input your pin in other to complete the process.

Linking a Credit Card to Google Wallet

To Start shopping unlimited, you will need to link or attach a credit or debit card to your Google wallet account. A warning is normally displayed when you haven’t selected a Card, click on this warning note, you will be prompted to select the card you want to link, select the plus sign and add your card details ( Please make sure your connection is secured before doing this).

Finally, you can now shop in many stores around the world that have NFC readers. When you want to pay for goods and services, unlock your phone and then swipe it near the NFC reader, if you are prompted for a password, input the password, the payment process will be completed. This digital wallet gives the usecr the
ability check out faster; its security is Top Notch.

People using the Google wallet have the freedom to shop around anywhere in the world and can even pay where there’s option to pay with Google Wallet.


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