How to Schedule & Auto Publish Blog Posts on Blogger

Are you a Blogger?
If probably you are, which blogging platform are you using to blog? If it's Blogger/Blogspot this post is meant for you.
As already explained in the post title above I would be sharing today how you can schedule your post to be published anytime even when you are offline or when you decided to be on holiday for some rest. Have once thought that is this possible on Blogger but I later found out while trying to publish a post last week.
It's very easy to do this just follow the bellow guidelines to get it done.


1. Visit Blogger Dashboard > Create a New Post
2. Fill your Post Title and Post contents
create a post
3. Expand the Post Settings tab which is below the Publish button at the right hand side. This will allow you to change the options for labels assigning to posts, HTML settings, links, location and publish time scheduling.
4. Click on Schedule then choose set date and time as shown below in the image.
schedule blog post
5. Set your desired date and time you want blogger to publish your post for you. I would advice you preview your post before publishing it to know how it would show when it's time to publish it.Press Publish post button. At this point, your blog post will go
into a queue and will not appear on your blog until the scheduled
date and time. You can add as many blog posts to the queue as you wished.


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