It’s very easy to hack symbian phones but if you are still wondering why you should hack your Nokia symbian phone,

Here are the top 3 important reasons:
1. It allows you to install all applications whether it’s signed or not.
2. You would definitely stop seeing stupid errors like “certicate error” during installation of files.
3. It allows you to install games and applications with expired certificates.
Before i get started Download Symbian hacking first 
Symbian hacking

After Downloading the File:
1. Install X-plore and Use  it to Unpack to C\drive, you should now have:
C\tmquarantine  path on your phone.

2. Install Antivirus
3. Launch Antivirus, it might prompt you to Restart your phone or
keep using it, just press YES (Restart your Phone)
4. Goto ur Antivirus again >> press
Option >> scroll down to Quarantine List.
5. Click Option again, then choose
RESTORE at all files i.e (Restore all the 3 or 4 files)
6. Close antivirus & Delete it from your phone
7. Install RomPatcher+
8. Launch RomPatcher+ & click option then Apply all Patches.
9. Now Extract d suitable
Installserver.exe from d Zip
Archieve [] & PASTE it in path
NOTE: please read the installserver.txt before choosing your installserver Or make sure you know the symbian phone OS”
10. Goto ur RomPatcher
again >> click Option & Apply:
–Open4all for access to all folders
–Installserver for Installing any Unsigned App. (if Red cross show up,
navigate to installserverRP+
and Add to Auto at patches
11. After all this, Switch off ur phone
& On it back.
Congratulations. Your phone is Hacked successfully.


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