How to Create a Floating or Sticky Blogger Widget

Last Updated: May 8, 2017

 As far as blogging is concern, the widgets that  floats or stick on a blog or websites have high click through and conversion rate than static objects/widgets. That is why many websites out there make use of floating elements throughout their websites.

From the image above you could see i have floated my facebook like box to gain more facebook likes.
Without wasting time lets learn how to get this done on your blogger dashboard.
Visit Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML and search for </body>
Now paste the below code just above/before

How to Customize ==> Just change HTMLID highlighted in the code with your widget ID and save your template.
Visit your Blog and see the Magic but incase you have any problem just drop a comment and I would reply you as soon as possible.


    • Go to Dashboard>Layout and just place you mouse on edit found below the gadget. Don't click just place it there and you would notice a url at bottom left hand side of the browser or you copy url. You would see the widget id there.

    • I just tested this and it is working fine. Please make sure you copied the complete code and make sure your HTMLID is correct. And make sure the code is placed before < /body. Hope this will help you fix it.

    • Hi Rehman, to get your HTMLID go to blogger dashboard >> Layout and place your mouse on the edit option of the widget you want to get the id. Look somewhere around the bottom of your screen you will see the full URL there. Alternatively, you can copy link address and paste it in your notepad to get the id.

    • according to my limited knowledge this is against rules of adsense . you must read rules before doing such activity.

  1. sticky widget works perfect but it goes to pages bottom how can we make sticky widget any where finish. İ dont want to go this widget to far.


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