How to Edit your 2go Name, Age, Location and Other Data's


Recently, 2go updated it’s application with new features to ease chatting and also addition of new smilies and new styles.
They also add the feature that enables 2go users to edit their:
– Full names,
– Location,
– Birthday
– Gender

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How to edit your 2go Info’s on Symbian Devices

1. Launch your 2go Application, incase your app is not up to date visit to download the latest version for your device.
2. You would be provided with the 2go menu as shown below
2go -
3. Click on ‘My Profile‘ from the 2go main menu.
4. You should have something like the one shown above, just press your
– left soft key if you are using java or symbian phone
-Menu button if you are using Android, Iphone or Window Phone
– blackberry menu button if you are using a blackberry device.
You would see a list of options like the one below.
2go main
5. Click on Edit Profile from the list of options and you would see the list of things you can change.
6. Pick them one after the other and edit, don’t forget to save so as to apply changes.


1. Download and install latest 2go app from PlayStore.
2go on
2. Login after successfully downloaded
3. Click on your name at the top left handside of your 2go account.
2go on
4. Now your profile comes up.
2go on
5. Click the edit icon (just like pencil) at top right hand side, edit your data’s to your taste and click on submit.
2go on


  1. I have a 2go application (latest version; v7.0)but I can’t write my date of birth (year), it’s only 3 digits space, instead of four ( as in 200 but rather 2001 )!!!
    Pls help, I can’t write 2001 instead I stop at 200, pls help!!

    • That is probably a problem with the latest version. Kindly wait for next 2go update to get that done. Better still you can get old version of the app to edit your 2go details.


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