Mobile App Development: Creating A Valuable Mobile App Got Easier


Have you ever wanted to build an app for your business, blog, product or service, but the heavy investment of both time and money put you off. Nowadays mobile applications have become wide-spread. Smartphones and tablets have become the most frequent purchase as compared with personal computers and laptops. Investing in the professional development of mobile software gives you a reliable marketing tool due to widespread usage of mobile devices. Mobile App development is useful to attract more users of a specific product due to the widespread use of mobile devices. There are many mobile platforms available to help you build an app on a budget — quickly, and with no coding knowledge required.

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VironIT is a mobile app development company and they provides professional level services for mobile software development – from mobile business applications to entertainment applications and lots more. Investing in professional development of mobile software gives you a reliable marketing tool due to widespread usage of mobile devices.
For a mobile app to be build the business owner have to think and act like a visitor or user who will be using the app. Incase of developing a mobile app for websites, you have to know whether the percentage of users visiting with mobile devices are more than those using other devices. This will surely  help in deciding whether creating a mobile app will boost your business.

How to Prioritize Usability in Design of the App

User-centric thinking will guide as the development of the app begins, and will teach how true innovation happens when usability informs technology. This—along with a deep dive into the principles of mobile app design will help in taking the right steps to design and promote mobile app in a way that was relevant to target audience.

1. Think like the user, then design the UX.
Initially, you will have an incredible amount of ideas for your mobile app features. But it is advisable you let the users’ needs guide you along. Probably you will have different users with different things to be done with the app. Some wil just want to browse the app to look at the features some will want to learn from new information published on the app and some will want to chek existing articles or information. YOur app must be designed to fulfill all this three types of people. Adding features like search and grouping the articles/information into categories as well as other features will help.

2. Remember that users are people, not demographics.
Business-centric demographics like company size or industry should be used to determine who users would be. This will help to focus on the startup community at first and understand and know exactly what they need to learn (meaning they would be in the easy-to-reach active user group).
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3. When promoting an app, consider all the situations in which it could be useful.
Promoting of the mobile app is also something essential to take care of. The app should be promotted to people who need it. For example a mobile app created for deseminating blogging information should be advertised on tech forums, blogging forum and other blogging related websites. You can also buy search ads for it and before you notice it your app is becoming popular and your business will start growing.

4. Keep working on the utility of the app even after launch.
Once you have lauch the mobile app, you have to think on how to increase it growth. The use of content marketing and paid media to get more downloads are recommended. You should make sure the app becomes increasingly useful and relevant to desired audience.

As you continue to develop other products/services that will help target audience, often ask yourself whether every new update or idea should be mobile-first. The answer should always be: Maybe. As long as it’s useful to the targeted audience.


  1. Information is limited to tools and platforms, now we are going to discuss about certain key points that mostly adopted by mobile application development team. Firstly, Backend as a service (BaaS) is also better known as MBaaS, which is best for getting backend cloud storage to the web and mobile app developers. It comes with some of the notable features like push notifications, user management and integration with social networking services through SDK and APIs.

  2. Thanks for sharing valuable tips with us . From my point of view design is a main focusing part of an app which not only attracts the user but also helpful in making user friendly app.

  3. I am a blogger and a digital marketing expert. Even though I am maintaining a blog I like to create an app for my blog that is the power of mobile app. We can even increase our brand awareness and get easy conversions for affiliates.
    Thank You!


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