As we all know Android is really amazing operatiing system and mostly used by over 80% of people around the World.

Have once used the symbian phones and still using it. Let be back to business, I would be showing and explaining to you how you can change the look of your symbian to turn to Android.
If you have not seen an Android before here is an image below:

What features would you have on your symbian after successful completion of the trick. Here they are below:
– Google Search on Phone Desktop just like Android
– Tweeting from Desktop just like Android gadgets
– Get weather of your desired Location or City
– 1 or 2 rows of dock at the bottom of the desktop usually the 5 icons at the bottom of Android
– Reading RSS feeds some feeds are already inclusive
– Your device menu change the icon size and arrangement
other interesting features are also there.

Download SYMBIAN TO ANDROID PACK.ZIP and save the zip archive to your device.

Open downloaded file with either X-plore or any application of your choose.
1. Install Rompatcher
2. Copy extendmenugrid.rmp to patches folder on C:Phone Memory if not existing you can create it
3. Copy folder 270601904 inside the zip archive downloaded to C/private/10207254/themes/270486738/270513751
4. Install Gridpither and open it then choose options > edit both modes > and enter 4 and 4.
Note: Before this can be done you must have installed Python on you phone.
5. Install Vhome and copy htc black.v to E:/vapps (create the folder yourself if not there)
6. Install androidima.sis inside the archive as this serves as the Android theme.

Finally, Set theme you installed and Start Vhome. You should now have your symbian like an Android.

NOTE: Delete bg.jpg from image gallery for you to be able to change the wallpaper.

Customise Vhome as you like and you enjoy your smartphone.
Drop your testimonies or any problem encountered here.


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