How to Add Post Thumbnail to Blogger Posts

Last Updated: October 9, 2018
Thumbnail also known as featured image of a blog post is the image shown on main page of a blog website to give description of a blog post.

Below is a sample of post thumbnails in the image.
How to Add Post Thumbnail to Blogger Posts -

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Follow the simple procedure below to add post thumbnail to add featured image to your blogger blog post:
1.     Sign in to Blogger.Com (it would just prompt you to sign in to your Google Account). After sign in completed you would be provide with Blogger Dashboard where you would see list of Blogs you have created. Choose anyone and a new page comes up.
2.     On the New Page click on “Create New Post” Icon beside the Blogger icon as shown below.
How to Add Post Thumbnail to Blogger Posts -


  1. hello. today, in my new post, the thumbnail don't work. Why?????
    All past posts the thumbnail work, but in this new post doesn't. 🙁
    i use galauness theme.

    • probably it suppose to display but it may be due to the privacy of the pics. I.e. It's not uploaded to blogspot gallery or it's not uploaded to a place where it would be hotlinked.


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