How to Add Icons to Website Navigation Menu


Recently, I perform an update here and part of the update is adding icons on the Navigation Menu. As we already know the Navigation Menu is on website to expose posts categories to visitors and would allow easy navigation between the categories.

Below is an image showing the Navigation Menu and Icons:

Although, we have many ways to add this on different Platform but I would be sharing today how i added icons to my navigation menu on Blogger Platform and it can also be used on other websites as well provided you are good in editing.

To get this done, all you have to do is add the icons script code to headtag: 

For Blogger Blogs
 Go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML and search for </head> and Paste the above code just before </head>
For Other Websites
Just add the above code to your headtag.

Next Thing is Adding the Icons to Navigation Menu
Below are some Icons: facebook, twitter, google plus, keyboard, warning, tablet.

If you have any problem use the comment section below.
For more icons click here


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