How Google Chrome Won the War of Browsers [Infographics]


I always think which of the browsers are used by most people all around the world, after lots of research I found out that the chrome browser is the top leading among all. I later think why is it that Chrome browser won the race, although I use the Firefox browser before but now I can see with little usage of about one month I can see some interesting features in the chrome browser both on mobile and desktop.

According to data by statscounter, Chrome browser has a monopoly over desktop, mobile and tablet browsers worldwide.  It’s the most popular and most used browser all over the world, below is a list and a map to show where most browsers are popular all around the world.

Chrome –  42.74%
IE Browser –  13.17%
Firefox –  11.72%
Safari –  7.11%
Others – 25.26%

From the above image, it has been revealed that the Chrome browser is the most popular among all so its the best time for you to get the browser if you don’t use it already. Chrome also has the best security and also respond faster to threats. As well its Speed, Reduction in cost, its regular updates and lots more.

Below is an Infograph from CloudSolutions to enlighten more about the popularity of chrome browser.

how chrome won the war of the browsers

Now, its time to get the chrome browser for your devices.

I would be expecting your reply about the update and what you feel about the browser?
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    • Hi Ikechi, YES it's also one of the reasons why it's the popular Browser so far.
      Thanks for sharing your view on this.

  1. Hi Hadharm,

    Yes indeed, Chrome is wonderful and my choice of browser too. Although I use Firefox occasionally also, there is nothing better than Chrome for all the features you mentioned, and lots more to it also.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Hi Hadharm,

    Chrome is a great browser. I love the extensions especially. I don't know why but the infographic is too tiny for me to read.

    Try increasing its width and height. It might help.

    – Rohan.

    • Hi Rohan, thanks for your contribution and as well as the notice for increasing size of the Infograph, I would fix that so that it would be clearly seen more conveniently.


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