Guide on Creating Adsense Ads Unit & How to make it visible on Blogs / Websites


Adsense is now the best choice of bloggers to monetize their blogs because it is a contextual based ad which shows relevant to the content on any website.
Are you new to Adsense? (i.e. you just applied to monetize your website with Adsense) this would guide you on how to get the ads code you would place on your website that when any of your site visitor clicked it would earn you income.

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How to Create Google Adsense Ads Unit

1. Go to your Google Adsense account. You would be provided with Adsense Dashboard just click on My ads
2. Click on New ad unit to Create a new ad unit.
3. For better results choose Recommended wide area ad sizes like 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle or 336 x 280 Large Rectangle as they would boost your earnings.
4. Customize your ad colors and click on save and get code button.
5. Select Synchronous in the code type and copy the ad code shown to you

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How to Add Adsense Ads to Blogger Sidebar

1. Visit your Blogger Dashboard > Layout. Here you see the foundation of how your blog looks like i.e. where the header, sidebars, navigation menu and others are placed.
2. Locate where to put your Ads Code
3. Click on Add Gadget and you would see list of Gadgets
4. Just Click on HTML/Javascript and you would be provided with a title area and text html area.
5. Paste the copied Adsense Code into the second Text area and leave the title area empty.
6. Save Changes and visit your blog to see your handwork.

How to Add Adsense Ads to WordPRESS Sidebar

1. Visit your WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
2. Now choose the html widget from your left hand side by right click on your mouse and drag to the sidebar area
3. Type anything you like into the title area and paste the adsense code in the second textarea
4. Save and you are done.
Incase you have any problem, don’t hesitate to add a comment below and don’t forget to share to your loved one’s. Thanks



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