Guest Post: Tips on How to Get Your Blog Back on Track

Last Updated: November 4, 2017

Maintaining a blog is pretty hard work. It’s not easy to come up with content that your readers will love. Not only does it require enough blogging skills, it also requires you to be disciplined. What do I mean by disciplined? You have to be strict with your schedule. You have to keep up with your editorial calendar. What if consistent three months went by and you had to much load? Maybe you had to spend more time in school or in the office.

What’s going to happen to your blog?
Lots of people say that you can not have enough time for your blog, but you see, these things just happen, no matter how much you love your blog. You have to admit that you also have other priorities. I mean, you’re not a superhero. You can’t possibly do all of it. There are times that you’ll fail following your schedule, but the most important thing is that you know and you’re willing to get yourself back up.
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When you’ve left your blog hanging for quite some time, you do you get yourself back together again?
Well here are the ways how:
Simply apologize
You have probably broken the hearts of your readers who were waiting for you to come and update your blog. They were heartbroken that you were gone for so many months that they thought you completely forgot all about them. Don’t get me wrong. perhaps, it’s okay if you just prove your sorry by posting a really great content, but the thing is you have to make your readers feel the love. It is not your blog you owe something to. Your blog will always be there, no matter what you do. The one you should be saying sorry to is your readers. Your readers are the lifeblood of your blog. Without them, then your blog would cease to exist. By apologizing to them for being gone for so long, you are strengthening the bond between the two of you.

That’s when you make it up to them
Now, that you have already apologized, it’s the time to make it up to them. You're sorry really meant a lot to them, but in order for your word to mean something, you have to do them. You have to actually make your readers feel that you care about them. With that, you can at least ask them about their situation. They’ll be glad that you are curious about what is happening to them. Perhaps, taking from their answers, you can create a blog post, answering their problems.
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Let the blog posts rip
You’ve already done the first two steps in making it up for your readers. Now, comes the fun part: showing them again what you’re made of. Remind them why they loved you in the first place. Do what you’ve always been the doing since the beginning of your blogging. Make them love you again.

Go on writing blog posts like you’ve always done it.

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