Embracing Technology – Unique Student Gadgets That Will Give You an Edge


The days of summer are coming to a
close, and it’s time to start buying
school supplies.

In addition to what teachers and professors are
students to buy, there are a lot of
gadgets that can help save time and
space while studying, and gadgets
that can help relax and wind down after a
long week of class.
Student Gadgets That Will Give You 
an Edge.jpg
Here is a short
list of favorites for every student to

#1. LiveScribe Pen Series.

The LiveScribe pen series offers a variety of pens with features such as
read back, digital recording,
computer sync for handwritten or
audio notes,
and much more. These pens are a must
have for students who need that additional back up for memory files
come study cram time.

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#2. Amazon Kindle DX

The Amazon Kindle DX is compact,
with a paper bright screen, making
reading a snap. Download times are some of
the best available in e-reader devices,
and Amazon has a huge selection of
textbooks to choose from. Get all of
your textbooks in one place, and
reduce the strain on your back from lugging a stack of textbooks around.

#3. iRobot Roomba 410

School life can be hectic. Got friends
coming over to study, but the place
is a mess. Now, there’s no worry. Get
the snacks ready while the iRobot Roomba takes care of the sweeping
and vacuuming for you. One less
chore to
do means more time to study – and
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#4. Optoma PK-101 Pico projector

For the people who like to share their
favorite videos with large groups
without the clausterphobic feelings of
a tight group hug, the Optoma
Pico projector is a great gadget. Not much larger than an external hard
drive, this projector connects to
almost any device, and can turn any
surface into a movie backdrop.

#5. Smart Watch
At times, in spite of cramming that
history answer again and again, you
keep forgetting it, and you just need
that one sentence to remember it all.
In cases like this, a smart watch like
this can come in handy. It
looks like an ordinary digital watch,
but allows you to put in your txt
files. You can easily read the contents
uploaded by pressing UP and DOWN and if you think your invigilator has got suspicious, press the Emergency
button, and he would never be able to
know what you were doing. All he
would see is date and time. But again,
resist the temptation of misusing it.

#6. IRIScan Book
The IRIScan is a handheld scanner
that doesn’t require a computer, and
doesn’t require ripping pages from
your books. Simply slide the scanner
over the page, and later transfer your
files from the scanner to a printer or computer with Wi-Fi or a USB
cable. Images are saved in high
900 dpi. It also comes with
conversion modes to change text zones
of a page into several file formats, and also has
the ability to upload directly to
sharing sites such as Dropbox,
Evernote, or GoogleDocs.

#7. Roku 3
Roku 3 is the latest in streaming media.
Find and watch any movie or
television show, or find new apps, or
even play the latest games with this
tiny media outlet device.

#8. Satechi Touch USB LED lamp

It is small and portable. You will always have a light to study by
you are. This lamp is small enough to
fit into an empty soda or water
bottle, and requires no batteries or
electricity. Simply plug the lamp into your computer’s USB port, and light
up your night.

#9. Polaroid Grey Label GL10 Instant
Mobile Printer

Great for people who have to print on
the go, or for last minute printing options, this Bluetooth enabled printer
is the first product
that Lady Gaga has designed in her
role as creative director for Polaroid.
It is small enough to carry in a
backpack or purse, and can print pages

#10. Portable Internet

Great for students who are always on
the go, portable Internet sticks are a
great way to avoid Wi-Fi connection
fees, and even gives the ability to
connect to the Internet from practically anywhere. Many companies
portable Internet sticks with a
prepaid plan, which is useful for
on a tight budget. There you go! Arm yourself with
these simple yet useful gadgets and
see how
they help you make your student life
more comfortable and productive, of
course if you use them the right way.

Article written by Romeo Demes


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