Easy Steps to Submit Website/Blog to Bing and Other Search Engines

Last Updated: October 9, 2018
Recently, I shared how you can submit your site to Google Index. Now I would be giving you guide on how to add your sites to others search engines like Bing and Yahoo. I have done this and can see increase in traffic from search engines. So what are your waiting for add your site too and get new visitors to your website or blog.


Submitting your website to Bing is a simple process as that of adding Website to Google Index also.
1. Now, point your browser to Bing Webmaster Tool. Signin with your Hotmail ID.
submit site to bing search engines

2. Click on "Submit your site to Bing". Then, enter your website or blog URL in the box provided for it and also enter the characters for image and finally click the Submit button.

3. Next is to verify Blog/Website Ownership. Here Bing provides three (3) different methods/options for you to prove ownership of your website/blog. But the simplest is by adding bing meta tag to your website headtag, WordPress theme or Blogger template.

submit site to bing search engines

4. Choose the Bing Meta tag Option and copy the Meta tag. Paste in into your website headtags or wordpress theme or blogger template.

5. Go back to Bing Webmaster Tool page and finally click on Verify Button.


1. Login back to Bing Webmaster Tools
2. From the dashboard click on the site you wanted to add the sitemap
3. Now the site dashboard is in and click on add sitemap as shown below

submit sitemap to bing

 4. Fill your details and save. If you use Google blogger platform and your post is below 500 you can use the first sitemap but if above 500 and not upto 1000 use both the first two.





submit site to bing search engines

Apart from Google and Bing, there are also other search engines listed below:

- Best of the Web www.botw.org. Paid submittal at www.botw.org/helpcenter/submitcommercial.aspx

- Gigablast www.gigablast.com. Submit at www.gigablast.com/indexphp?subPage=addUrl&page=about&

- JoeAnt www.joeant.com Submit at www.joeant.com/suggest.html

- Open Directory www.dmoz.org. Go to appropriate category page and click Suggest URL.

- Wikia Search search.wikia.com. Click the Add button on any relevant search results page.

- 1 2 3 Submit Pro - websitesubmit.hypermart.net

- AddMe! - www.addme.com

- AddPro.com - www.addpro.com

- SubmitExpress - www.submitexpress.com

Increasing your search optimization is key to driving traffic to you blog or website, and the process couldn't be easier if you don't follow instructions given above.


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