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Since have been using WordPress have never found best social sharing buttons as DC Simple Share Buttons. It was designed for both mobile version as well as the web version of my WordPress blog. This Social share buttons can be implemented on your WordPress blog by installing the DC Simple Share Buttons Plugin which was created by one of the Popular Blogger in Nigeria.
Don Caprio Simple Social Share Buttons - www.techblogng.com.

The designed Plugin is light, simple to use, built with PHP and HTML and also it is beautifully styled with CSS which makes me like it.
Other features of the Plugin includes: The share buttons look prominent and easily noticeable on blog where it is added. There is a template tag which allows you to place the buttons anywhere in your theme. There’s also a short code you can use. Share label can be configured.

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How to Install this Share Buttons

You can install the plugin as you usually install other plugins but if you don’t know how to install plugins here is a tutorial for you on How to Install and Activate WordPress Plugins.
When it ask for the plugin name type DC Simple Share Buttons in the search box.

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To include this plugin in any location of your theme, use this template tag:  php dc_social_share_tag(); ?>

To add a Share label using the template tag, use this while replacing YOUR CUSTOM
TEXT HERE with your own label: <?
php dc_social_share_tag(‘YOUR
To include this plugin within a post or page, use this shortcode:  [ dc-social ]
To add a share label using shortcodes, use this: [ dc-social label=”YOUR CUSTOM TEXT HERE” ]
DC Simple Share Buttons - www.hiideemod.com
To visit the Plugin Settings page just Login to Dashboard and click on settings > DC Social share buttons and you would see a new page as above.
How to Use DC Share Buttons on MobilePress
Are you just hearing about MobilePress Read Now Skypress MobilePress Theme for WordPress.
You can show the buttons on MobilePress if you chose to show the buttons on single
posts within the plugin settings. However, you may notice the buttons are not appearing or not properly styled on mobile version of your blog.
If you used the template tag on your mobile single.php file too, there’s still gonna be problems with styling. Here’s the little fix that should do the tricked:
1. Log in to cPanel
 2. Edit your MobilePress theme header.php file by scrolling to …/public_html/user/wp-content/mobilepress/themes/Theme_Name/header.php for a custom theme and …/public_html/geek.ng/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/themes/default/header.php
if you’re using the default mobilepress theme.
3. Paste this before </head>
<link href=”http://fonts.googleapis.com /css?family=Pacifico” rel=”stylesheet”
<link rel=’stylesheet’ href=’http://www.yoursite.com/wp-content/plugins/dc-simple-share-buttons/dc-social-share.css?ver=3.8.2′ type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />
Be sure to replace www.yoursite.com with your real site address. That would fix the styling issue on MobilePress.
A good demo is the one shown below every post here.


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