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Clash for Speed (CFS) is a combat racing game for racing enthusiasts. This game provides a different option to modify the game to increase playing experience. The most unique feature of this game is its custom track builder using which you can build your own track and add your own obstacles.

clash for speed

This game features a cruel, fearless, and ruthless character named Speed Hog. Speed Hog loves combat racing which he organizes on five different deserted planets which are designed specially conduct these racing events.

Feature of Clash for Speed Game

Different Levels:

This game contains different levels for you to conquer. With each win you can open different levels which are according to difficulty.

In-Game Garage:

in game garage

In game garage helps you to modify and buy new cars. This garage also let users to unlock new weapons upgrades, engines upgrades, turbochargers upgrades, wheels upgrades, and armors upgrades.

There are 8 different cars to choose from which has their unique abilities. With every upgrades your vehicle will become more advanced and more powerful. These upgrades are necessary to win the race and will improve your playing experience.



To compete in a race you will get different weapons. These weapons are used to decimate the enemies. List of weapons are lasers, mines, spikes, oil spills, flamethrower, missile launcher, cannon gun and freeze gun.

3D Track Builder:

3D Track Builder

This new amazing feature is one of its kind. This game provides you the option to create your own custom track. You can design the track according to your needs, which then you can customize according to the track you are building.

You can add an obstacle to increase the difficulty level of the race. You can also add off-road obstacles which will increase the difficulty even more.

To create a 3D customized track, you just have to slide your finger across the screen in a way in which you wish to create a track.

Wheels and Designs:

Wheels and Designs

You can customize wheels and decals of your car which will increase your gaming experience. You will get 20 tire and 9 decals to customize your car.

Overall features:

  • 5 unique 3D – game environments: Sci-Fi Gravity, Floaters, Green Valley, Rocky Roads, Mystic Lava & Green Valley.
  • 8 upgradable battle cars: O’dare, Combat, Ninja, Dustin, Skull Dragon, Brutal, Battle & Bone Shaker.
  • Different levels with 10 different types of lethal weapons.
  • 8 Off-Road Traps with wonderful upgrades and 5 On-Road Obstacles.
  • Different car stickers and 20 different upgradable tires.
  • 15 Different tracks with different difficulty in quick racing.

Clash for Speed is a great game and will give you great combat racing experience. With different cars nearly impossible set of tracks and many weapons this game will surpass all your expectations.

Download Clash For Speed Here


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