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Have you been struggling for Web Traffic even with your quality contents, first let-me congratulate you that your problem is now solved since you landed here. Your solution is BroadedNet.
BroadedNet is designed to bring you huge traffic without social media, search engines and other sources also no stress is included. It’s time you bring huge traffic to your websites/blogs.

BroadedNet-Free Traffic to

BroadedNet is a network of bloggers who bring their blogs together under one platform and accept to link to each other on their blogs and be rewarded with Credits.
This implies that you register, add the BroadedNet widget on your blog and credits are awarded to you to promote your site as well. You can promote and send huge traffic to your blog by submitting your articles either text or ad, once your articles are added to the platform, they will start showing up on other blogs in the network that have accepted to display articles in a certain category you have choosed.

How can I join BroadedNet?
Just Register on Broaded.Net. After registration completes place the Broadednet widget on your blog and get ready to gain traffic to your blog. The BroadedNet works with only Blogger and WordPress.
Wordpress users are to use the BroadedNet Plugin while Blogger users are to visit the Integration Tab to get your widget. Below is how the widget form for Blogger looks like.

BroadedNet-Free Traffic to

Which Article can I submit to BroadedNet?
Once your article are published on your blogs you have the chance to submit it to broadednet and wait for a little time for the admins to approve your submitted article. This article can be submitted as text ads or you choose a banner ads. You can also effectively use the banner advertising for Affiliate or advertise your own products as well. 

BroadedNet-Free Traffic to

How can I submit my Article or Banner Ads to BroadedNet?
It is easy to do this just login to your BroadedNet Account and click on “Create Campaign“.

 BroadedNet-Free Traffic to

Here you would be provided with a Standard Campaign and Sticky Campaign.
The Standard Campaign allows you to submit your posts for free and they shows up after approval while Sticky Campaign allows your to submit your articles and once approved would generate more clicks and impression than that of standard campaign by going top of all other campaigns.
Next Fill in your post details and submit for admins to approve it.
Note: Make sure your title is Unique and make sure your destination url is correct.

What Happens to my Submitted Articles/Banner Ads?
After you submitted your article and they are approved, they are sent to other blogs as adverts on the BroadedNet widget. Once they are clicked you are charged for it with the credits you assigned for it and you can see the records in “My Campaign” Tab. So while creating a campaign, you have to enter a certain amount of credits to give away to members per click they generate from their blogs. The more credits you offer, the more exposure and clicks you get.
Content or articles shown on network blogs are selected randomly and ordered by credits and in specific categories. Campaigns that offer more credits show up more often.

What Happens to My Deducted Credit?
Your deducted credit are rewarded to other members who owned the blog where your articles/banners are displayed and they would also use it to promote their contents as well.

You can now see it’s done without stress. Would love to see you joining BroadedNet and improve your blog Traffic.



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