How to Bold, Italicize and Cross Over WhatsApp Text Messages

Last Updated: June 28, 2016

Back in the days when 2go has this features plus the rainbow text type but now WhatsApp is the rocking and most popular chat messaging service and it seems some of the features are finding their way in.
After I performed recent update of my Whatsapp I noticed there are new customizations for the texts. So it is now possible to customize the look of the text you type to people you chat with. Basically, this is made to lay more emphasis and better still, make things looking more pretty. The new WhatsApp allows you to Bold text, Italicize text and even Cross Over text in your chats. How can you do this? It’s pretty simple:

How to Bold, Italicize and Cross Over WhatsApp Text Messages

  1. To Bold WhatsApp text, insert an asterisk (*) before and after the chosen words. example *Hello*
  2. To italicize WhatsApp text, insert an underscore (_) before and after the chosen words. example _Hello_
  3. To add cross over WhatsApp text, insert (~) sign before and after the text. example ~Hello~
    Isn't it Simple as have said earlier?

Note: If you have activated another font apart from your device default font. You might not be able to see the text with any style you apply to it.

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