Best Features of Upcoming Big Release iOS 9 [Infographic]


You may have heard about the release of Apple iOS 9 beta at WWDC 2015 on July 10. It is the successor of iOS 8 that will probably be launched officially in September 2015.
The new version of iOS does a great deal to enhance the performance of Apple devices as it offers various outstanding features such as transit direction, low power mode, CarPlay, Android to iOS migration etc. Here is a summary of iOS 9 features:
1. Proactive “Siri” App that understands more queries related to time and location
2. CarPlay that lets you connect any Apple device to a vehicle’s system wirelessly
3. Transit direction information in Apple maps that shows trains, bus routes & timings
4. Low power mode that shuts down background apps and saves battery
5. Higher security of 6 digit passcode to keep your iPhone/iPad safe
6. Direct share option for URLs
7. A refined notes application that lets you take notes interactively
8. Easy Android to iOS migration through “Move to iOS” app.
IOS 9 is full of exciting functions, you can find out more about them in the infographic below.

Everything you need to know about iOS 9
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz


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